• ????


    An Imperial Cadet on the run for an accident he did not cause.
  • Amsom Trask

    Amsom Trask

    A criminal slicer out to make a name for himself, enslaved by a Hutt for an unknown cause.
  • Argûs Thranarum

    Argûs Thranarum

    A dwarf hunter lost through time, finding himself in a new land with new people and places to explore.
  • Dr. Harrison Jones

    Dr. Harrison Jones

    An archaeologist in the Ancient Lands, fighting for the sanctity and safety of history.
  • Justicar Marius

    Justicar Marius

    A fallen angel recovering his powers and responsibilities through service and self-sacrifice.
  • Kolvin Dantiir

    Kolvin Dantiir

    A mechanic native to Taloraan, driven to the Rebellion by the predations of the Empire.
  • Zangtus the Carvenhide

    Zangtus the Carvenhide

    A clanless dragonborn seafarer, called to relive his draconic heritage through the ancient runes of his ancestors.