Kolvin Dantiir

A mechanic native to Taloraan, driven to the Rebellion by the predations of the Empire.


“The Empire destroyed my family…the least I can do is pay them back.”
—Kolvo Dantiir

Kolvo Dantiir is a Human male special operations operative of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

After a personal tragedy on his home planet of Taloraan caused by the Galactic Empire, he joined the Rebellion. He served as a mechanic within the starfighter corps., and was recently tapped to become a special operations operative.

Background and History

Born in 2X BBY on Taloraan


Kolvo is a Human of the standard variety, with fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair. He is of average build, lightly athletic, with quick eyes and hands.



Items & Equipment

While on duty he frequently wears a mechanic’s jumpsuit with many pockets, and a pair of lightweight work boots. He recently requisitioned a modified jumpsuit containing armor panels covering the vital areas and the outside of the arms and legs. A utility belt suspends two large zipped thigh rigs. The left holds his tool kit, and a protected flap covers his datapad. The right rig is a concealed holster for his holdout blaster, with a small pouch for extra blaster packs and gas canisters.

BlasTech Industries HSB-200: A small holdout blaster, highly reminiscent of BlastTech’s larger models. Kolvo received this as a teenager, and he has kept it in repair. After joining the Rebellion, Kolvo modified the blaster with a stronger XCiter coil and blaster actuating module from a BlasTech DL-18 blaster pistol, producing a much stronger bolt, if at the cost of making the blaster a bit more unwieldy. Recently, Kolvo salvaged a laser sight off a BC7 carbine, aiding his off-the-draw aim.
Crozo 3-MAL Personal Comlink: A handheld short-range comlink with adjustable frequency. A micro-data port allows for small amounts of data transfer between comlinks, datapads, and other devices. Kolvo acquired this comlink upon joining the starfighter corps.
Crozo LK2 Datapad: A small touchscreen tablet, with datajacks for diagnostic equipment and Holonet connection. A common tool for mechanics and engineers, this one is special—it has been recently modified by Alliance Intelligence with a lightweight slicing program package, allowing Kolvo to attempt some rudimentary slicing.
CEC All-Purpose Mechanic’s Tool Kit: A basic kit of mechanic’s tools, including a hydrospanner, electroprobe, driver, shears, etc., supplanted with specialized tools. Useful on starships, droids, computers, weapons, and the like. When he worked at home at his parent’s gas mining operation, he learned the benefit of keeping basic tools at hand. Even while attached to the starfighter corps., Kolvo would frequently keep all but the largest tools on his person, compared to the average mechanic who would carry around a tray or cart for their tools. Now that Kolvo is attached to Special Operations, the need to keep basic and specialized tools on hand has resurfaced.
CEC KT/X Engineering Scanner: A miniature handheld scanner configured for circuitry and mechanical defects. A retractable cable allows connections to a datapad for data transfer and analysis. A common tool for a mechanic, its small size allows Kolvo to carry it with him, simply plugging it into his datapad when he needs it.

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Kolvin Dantiir

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